A beautifying and empowering plant-based product that lets your best self shine through.

Heal your skin & unleash your confidence

Ayurvedic Skincare

Anti-Aging Benefits


Promotes Cell Turnover

Repairs Dull, Uneven, and Patchy Skin

No Artificial Colors 

No Artificial Fragrance




New Releases

Use serum as a base before foundation  for a flawless canvas
Follow with adding a tiny drop of serum to the foundation for a dewy look
Then, use mist as a setting spray 

Inner Beauty

Aarti products heal skin so that you can radiate from within.

We also believe that generosity cultivates an inner beauty that cannot be bought!

We donate 5% of all profits to PEER Servants  

and offer FREE shipping on orders over $50.  

Uma Preve is a freelance certified makeup artist and a fashion designer. Preve started a YouTube channel in 2008, as a means to share tips and tricks of makeup techniques for women of my skin tone.


You can view Uma using Aarti's Organic Skincare products here! 

”Aarti’s skincare system is such a game changer. First things first I don’t have to wear concealer or foundation since using Aarti’s Products. I love the fragrance of the mist and serum. The serum keeps my face moisturized without looking to oily. Also, on days when I skip my nighttime facial routine,the mist helps keep my skin clear and soft. The price point is affordable considering how long the products last. Thank you Aarti for the amazing products!”

"I struggled with acne and scarring during my teenage years and spent a lot of money investing in products that did not help my skin. I was beginning to lose hope that nothing world ever clear my skin. I’m so happy I finally found Aarti’s Organic Skincare! It has cleared my skin tremendously. The mist leaves my skin moisturizer and feeling fresh while the serum adds a glow to my skin allowing me to look flawless. I can finally go makeup free! I am a happy customer and will continue to purchase Aarti’s Organic Skincare.

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