My Story

2015 was a very decisive year for me. I initially struggled with my weight and self-confidence to the point where I barely recognized myself and could not stand to look in the mirror. To make matters worse, I was navigating a major life transition. Ultimately, I realized that the only way I could live a more fulfilling life was to change my lifestyle and to take control of my own happiness. Afterward, everything began to fall into place for me!

With love and support from family and friends, I was able to successfully transform my life back to one that I was in love with and passionate about. I began seeing a therapist, focused on losing weight, and developed healthier eating habits. 

At the same time, I also became aware of not only what I was putting in my body, but also on it. I was shocked to learn the number of unhealthy ingredients my skincare products contained - most of which I could barely pronounce! I also realized these products were doing little to address my skin concerns: hyper-pigmentation, dullness, dryness, and patchiness.

However, my mother advised me to consider natural ingredients, especially ones used for wellness and skincare in India. After extensive research and a great deal of trial and error, I finally developed an all-organic product that made me feel as beautiful on the outside as I had recently grown to feel on the inside. The change was immediate and so noticeable that even strangers in public began to compliment my glowing and dewy skin. 

My personal awakening to “my best self” has since changed everything for me, and now I want every woman to experience and benefit from this positive and life-changing transformation. My organic products represent the beauty of women finding their power, and I am eagerly excited to share them with you! These products are all-natural, kind to the body, and made to help you glow from the inside out. Emanating from my own personal journey and experiences since 2015, these organic products are specifically made to help women feel sexy and confident in their own skin. I am confident that once you try them, they will become a permanent part of your personal skincare regime and help you confidently navigate each day, own your happiness, and make your “best self” a priority and reality!  

Aarti Telore xo