What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is the science of creating equilibrium in the human body through the use of natural, energy-balancing ingredients and rituals. Often called the “sister science to yoga,” Ayurveda was discovered 1000s of years ago by the same group of intellectuals who first identified the benefits of yoga. Unlike many Western beauty products that were developed with chemicals in a lab to “cover-up” flaws, Ayurvedic beauty products and practices help your skin reach a state of homeostasis, creating natural radiance and healthy skin.

Why is Ayurveda important to us?

Aarti discovered many of these ingredients while growing up in India and returned the tradition during a time where she herself felt “off-balance.” Other skincare products amplified the issue through the classic cycle of damage and cover-up. This further created an imbalance in her complexion. Through organic and Ayurvedic skincare that she first formulated in her kitchen, Aarti again discovered the mind-body connection of natural beauty. She now shares her formula for self-made radiance with beautiful people worldwide.