Why Organic?

Organic Ingredients

Why do we use organic ingredients?

Non-toxic! Check the labels! Common ingredients in many skincare companies are sodium laurel, mineral oils, Laureth sulfate, and plant-based materials with pesticide residue. These, along with petroleum and parabens, can slowly be absorbed by your skin, causing a range of side effects from skin irritation to cancer. 

More effective! Skincare products with synthetic ingredients are more likely to damage our complexion over time and throw off our natural pH balance. This creates a vicious cycle in which your skin becomes unbalanced, creating further irritations. They are also more likely to cause allergens. Organic skincare is often made with a higher percentage of active ingredients, further enhancing the benefits. 

Reciprocity! Mother Earth gives us life and vitality. Nature provides plants with all the antioxidants that we need to cultivate healthy skin; in turn, we are obligated to give back to the earth by using regenerative products. 

Deep healing! Organic ingredients, including those with Ayurvedic properties, heal your skin because they work to regenerate skin and balance pH levels, meaning your skin is no longer self-correcting.

Caring for Others! Organic skincare and an ayurvedic beauty regime avoid animal testing. Our products are 100% Cruelty-Free.